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 Events at Dutch Village Restaurant & Gift Shop
Mother’s Day Smorgasbord
Sunday, May 13th
Smorgasbord 12:30pm-4:00pm
Breakfast Buffet 8:00am-12:00pm
Roast Ham, Roast Beef, Baked Chicken, Sausage, Meat Balls, Cabbage Rolls, Fried Breaded Shrimp, Sweet 
Potatoes, Scalloped Potatoes, Real Mashed Potatoes, 
Gravy, Stuffing, Macaroni & Cheese, 
California Blend Vegetables, Buttered Carrots, 
Green Beans, Corn and Baked Beans.
Complete Salad Bar Including... 
Macaroni & Potato Salad, Broccoli & Waldorf Salad, 
Fresh Fruits, Puddings, & Homemade Breads 
Pies - Dutch Apple, Coconut Cream, Graham Cracker, 
Peanut Butter & Lemon Meringue.
Other Desserts - Chocolate Whip Cream Cake, Chocolate 
Peanut Butter Fudge Cake, Banana Nut Cake, 
Lemon Whip Cream Cake and Cherry Cheesecake.

Smorgasbord : Adults $16.99 
Children’s prices vary by age, $5.00 No Show fee

Breakfast Buffet: $9.49 (Age 60 + $8.49)
Children's prices vary by age

Please Call 716-355-9922  for Reservations!!