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Willow Creek Pavilion Menu(s)
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Dinner Buffet  
 Meat Choices:        Roast Beef - Roast Turkey 
Baked Ham -Baked Chicken - Pork - Swiss Steak - Kielbasa
           Meatballs - Cabbage Rolls - Italian Sausage
Price Per Person:      One Meat: $22  Two Meats: $24
                                               Three Meats: $26 
*Meal Includes Two Sides and Homemade Bread & Butter*
 Side Choices: Tossed Salad - Caesar Salad - Fresh Fruit
      Macaroni Salad - Potato Salad - Pasta Salad - Corn
         Buttered Carrots - Mixed Veggies - Green Beans 
        California Blend Vegetables - Scalloped Potatoes
    Real Mashed Potatoes & Gravy - Baby Baked Potatoes
                   (Extra sides available upon request)

Sit Down Dinners 
                  Event Planner Chooses Two Meats 
          (Guests choose one of the two upon arrival)
Choice of:  Chicken & Biscuits - Swiss Steak 
        Baked Chicken - Baked Ham - Stuffed Pork Chop
              Roast Beef - Roast Turkey - Roast Pork
Dinners Include: Toss Salad, Vegetable, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Stuffing, Homemade Bread and Beverage. 
                                 ($22 per person)  
Choose Two:  Sliced Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast w/ Swiss & American Cheese Slices, 
Sliced Virginia Baked Ham w/ Swiss & American Cheese Slices
                      BBQ Ham or  BBQ Pork, 
Sandwich quarters: Egg Salad, Tuna Salad,
                 Ham salad, Chicken Salad

Included: Sandwich Condiments - Sandwich Rolls
             Homemade White & Wheat Bread 

Choice of Two Sides: Fresh Fruit 
      Macaroni Salad - Potato Salad - Pasta Salad  
          Baked Beans - Coleslaw-Tossed Salad 
             (Add extra side for $.75 per person)
                      Plated - $18 per person
                  Buffet Style - $20 per person
Dinner Packages
Picnic Package​
                         ADD DESSERTS 
                        (Priced per person)
                              Cakes: $1.50 
Choc. / Peanut Butter Fudge Frosted,  
Chocolate Whip Cream or Lemon Whip Cream  
Cherry Cheesecake - $2.00 Homemade Pie - $3
                                       All Packages include:
Dinnerware, set up, staff service during, take down, clean up
 & beverages (Iced Tea / Lemonade / Coffee)

Please Call For Information on our Wedding Menu Pricing!
Special Events Menu- Perfect for Grad Parties, Family Reunions & More!!